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The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA

Planning Approval

Planning approval is only required by the shire for particular jobs, If any of the following applies to you then your job requires planning approval.

If the patio is less than nine meters long and is closer than one meter from the neighbouring boundary. The same rule applies to patios exceeding nine meters in length that are 1.5 meters closer to the fence line. Most shires will allow the patio to be 500mm from the fence line with neighbours consent.
Planning approval is required for patios on any strata titled home. Building laws relating to boundaries, height limits and other regulations vary from suburb to suburb depending on which shire your property falls under.

If your property is strata titled but does not require neighbours comments then a simple planning application signed by all owners of the property can be lodged without any accompanying forms.

If your proposed patio does not meet boundary requirments/certain shire regulations then a planning application accompanied by the shires R Code variation forms signed by both you and your effected neighbour must be submitted.

You can access any planning forms below by clicking on their link.
Planning Application form

R Codes Variation forms

Commence Development form

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