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The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA The Patio Guys Perth WA

Outback Gazebo

Exuding charm and character, the outback gazebo end adds a new dimension to the end of an outback gable. Designed to provide the finishing touch its distinctive form will impart a refined and elegant air to your home. The gazebo and has been designed to enhance the appeal of any home, and works especially well on those with bay windows and hexagon forms.
  • Highest quality products / Stratco Bluescope Steel
  • The best value, design & workmanship you’ll find
  • 100% Australian Steel
  • Fully trained Installers
  • WA owned and operated business
  • Complete backup service
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